Pan Africanism or Perish

The greatest weapon the colonial powers have used in the past against our people has always been his ability to divide and

conquer. If I take my hand and slap you , it might sting you because these digits are separated. But all I have to do to put you

 back in your place is bring those digits together. Malcolm X 1964

Welcome to the home of the Organization of Pan African Unity. As the wind of change is blowing across the Diaspora we must change with the wind. This organization is to pay tribute to several of our leaders, that have laid their lives on the line for the people, and this is to fulfill their dreams. Malcolm X was working on the Organization of Afro-American Unity and at the time of his assassination he was about to present the Basic Unity Plan of the Organization. Over 40 years has passed and we have not taken up where Malcolm left off.

Not much has changed since Malcolm has left us, in some way's we're in a worse position as a people. We had more respect for each other then, then we do today. We have not yet made the connections with our brothers and sisters throughout the Diaspora that we need to have make. There are powers in the world that do not want us to come together..  Yet Malcolm's work at the time was to bring us together, today I see that the only people who are keeping us apart is us. The Organization of Pan African Unity mission will be to bring all African people in the Diaspora together. We can not continue to stay divided, it is through us coming together that we are whole and have unity.

Let all the naysayers and non-believers, who believe that we can not come together, we shall prove them wrong. At the same time let all the believers come together and we will prove that as African people that we can come together and show the world that we can bring a new humanity to the world. And we will no longer depend on others for what we need to be doing for ourselves. Pan Africanism is the only way that we have; we can no longer be separated as a people. When any African in the world suffers, we all suffer, so let the suffering stop. This is not just Malcolm's dream of a United States of Africa, which is what Pan Africanism truly means, but so many others¬ís dream. It was the dream of Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Geogre Padmore, Henry Sylvester Williams, W.E.B. DuBois,  C.L.R. James, Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr, John Henrik Clarke, and so many others who worked and gave their lives for the people.

The charter that will be used, will be the charter that Malcolm was going to use for his Organization of Afro-American Unity. So we need workers for the people. We need people who want to serve the people and want to create change. The only thing that has changed is the name of the organization, for times has changed and there is no Afro in African and also we must look at ourselves as African people once again. So if you have a problem of being something that you are, then let us have the opportunity to show you and to explain to you, why you are brainwashed into thinking you're not African. This is another divide and conquer tactic that is used to keep us apart. Our only salvation is through Pan Africanism, which is why the new name is Organization of Pan African Unity.

Let it be known that we will reach out to all the African Nation's so we are allowed as African American's be allowed to join the African Union, we are a nation within a nation, so we must be allowed to join our brothers and sisters in unity. We need the affirmation of our brothers and sisters in the Motherland, so that we are not still looked upon as ex-slaves or illegitimate children of the world. We need our brothers and sisters at home, to welcome us back into the family. We also need to dispel any and all differences between us, so that we will may show our children how to be a good family member. We as African American's must also come together, for we are a fragmented group as well. We can no longer allow ourselves to stay as fragmented as we are.

There are groups among us that have kept us apart, and have benefited financially to keep us fragmented. We must say to them, that no longer will we allow you to keep us disliking each other. We have more in common, then we have issues that will keep us apart. Let no religion, ideology, age, color, class, or hate towards each other keep us apart. The Blackman is under attack today, War has been declared on the Blackman, yet we don't even know it. This government has imprisoned black men under this new form of slavery, yet our elected officials do nothing or say nothing about it. Also in area's of the country black men are unemployed in record numbers, in New York alone it's at almost 50% that are unemployed. And we see those same numbers in other cities across the country.

We have seen after Katrina hit New Orleans, how much we as a people are appreciated by this government. Our son's and daughters go fight and die for this country, yet we are not given the basic rights that white citizens of this nation are given. Yes RACISM is alive in well in the U.S.A. not much has changed. You have people who just arrive in this nation, that are given more rights and opportunities to those who built this nation, through free labor and brought here unwillingly. We don't need a "Covenant with Black America" for we need a Covenant with each other, "A Black Covenant" we must not allow to continue to elect people, or people who say they're leaders, go to Washington, and are just happy with just meeting the president, yet make no demands. We must also recognize that a lot of our black ministers have been bought out by this administration program, called  the faith based imitative.

They're selling your votes and silence for these mega-churches, that are being built in our communities. It seems odd that we have these huge churches yet, the churches have not created any opportunities in the community. These ministers have got to get on board with the masses of people who are suffering. There is no need for a church, to seat so many people, yet when you approach them to have a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program in the church, they say no. Yet it is our people who are going to prison with excessive prison terms, over drugs. The same goes for any type of Aids/HIV intervention programs, yet it is us who are dying from it. Several of these churches don't feed the poor nor clothe, house the needy. Kudos to the ministers and churches that do this, but so many are not even trying. Something must be said to these ministers who ignore the suffering of the people, and look to build these churches that stretch the length of a New York City block or two and seat 20,000 and more. You don't honor God with brick and mortar and how many seats you can fill; you honor God by being Godly.

No longer will we be silent while this insanity goes on, we as a people have to raise our voices and consciousness, when we see things that are beyond reason or common sense. This is what Malcolm stood for, the raising of his voice when he saw things that made no common sense. If it means the calling out of names of people who are deceiving and lying to the people, it must be done. No longer will we allow people to take advantage of us, and nothing has been said or done. Some of the worse offenders are some of our people. Just because they look like us, don't mean they're with us, or seeking the same for the people. What better way to honor Malcolm then of continuing the work of Malcolm. So let's do the work that needs to be done, instead of building a mega church let's build this into a mega organization that would make Malcolm proud and his family proud as well. Malcolm's children and grandchildren need, no longer wonder why he gave his life, when we can't honor his death, by continuing his work. For that's what people do, when they honor a person like Malcolm. It's time to see how many people who say that they love Malcolm, are willing to honor Malcolm.

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You will bleed for the white man, But when it is time to protect yourself, you have no blood.  Malcolm X